Wrong type alias for std::invoke_result
(too old to reply)
2018-09-25 10:21:55 UTC

I think there is a bug in the definition of the alias template
std::invoke_result_t, because it fails in a situation where
std::invoke_result does work:

#include <type_traits>

// Here we know that {Xs...} == {F, Args...}, but we don't want to mention
F explicitly.
template <typename... Xs>
void f (Xs...)
// Works perfectly.
using good = typename std::invoke_result<Xs...>::type;
// Compilation error.
using bad = std::invoke_result_t<Xs...>; // !

struct call
int operator () () const
return 0;

int main()

This means that std::invoke_result_t alias changes the "signature" of the
metafunction, breaking the correct code.
I think the implementaion should be following:

// Good.
template <typename... Xs>
using invoke_result_t = typename std::invoke_result<Xs...>::type;

but the current is ill-formed:

// Bad.
template <typename X, typename... Xs>
using invoke_result_t = typename std::invoke_result<X, Xs...>::type;
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